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The Naturalization of Investors by Exception Scheme of Cyprus offers a fast track route to EU residence and citizenship.

Legal Basis

The Naturalization of Investors by Exception Scheme of Cyprus offers one of the fastest routes to EU citizenship and operates in accordance with the Civil Registry Laws 2002 – 2013 and associated amendments made on 15th March 2014 and 13th September 2016.

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Investment Criteria

Single applicant/family with eligible dependents

€2 million ex VAT

Single applicant/family with eligible dependents + parents of main applicant

€2.5 million ex VAT

Applicant must own a permanent residence in Cyprus worth

€500,000 ex. VAT.

Applicants can pursue several investment routes including investing in government bonds, financial assets in Cypriot companies, real estate and infrastructure projects, purchasing, creating or participating in Cypriot businesses, holding fixed deposits in Cypriot banks or investing in a combination of the above instruments.

Benefits of Cypriot Citizenship

  • 6 months to obtain passport.
  • No need to reside in the country to obtain citizenship.
  • 159 countries visa-free or on arrival including key business hubs such as the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • Spouse and dependent children under 28 years included within the same application.
  • Parents of the main applicant can be added by investing in additional residential property worth just €500,000.
  • Citizenship can be passed onto future generations.
  • High quality of life if you choose to reside in Cyprus as a predominantly English-speaking country with good international schools and a legal system that is based on English Common Law.
  • No tax on global income for Non-Residents.
  • Low Personal and Corporate Tax Rates for Non-Domiciled Residents + generous tax breaks for HNWIs.
  • Dual citizenship allowed.
  • All nationalities can apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to submit an application for each member of my family?

No, this is not necessary. Spouses and dependent children under 28 years can be included within the same application.

What is the difference between residency and a citizenship program?

Residency programs offer immediate residency and a visa based on a successful application. However, residency programs do not protect you or provide stable options for your family’s future. Your visa can be revoked or rendered invalid at any time if the country’s laws change. Citizenship by investment programs guarantee a full-lifetime citizenship in Cyprus and your second passport is granted following a successful application.

How can I be sure of my investment in Cypriot real-estate?

A PassPro consultant will travel with you to Cyrus, providing you with a full tour of all available real-estate options in your desired area. Based on your selection, our lawyers will provide detailed reports on the status of the chosen investment.

After my Cypriot passport is processed what resources will be available to me for next steps?

Acquiring a second passport is not a transaction, we believe it is a lifelong relationship. Our ‘My PassPro’ portal is your online portal for enjoying life as a citizen of a new country. Just sign in and receive access to a host of special services including visa updates for Cyprus, consular guidance, assistance opening bank accounts and more.

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